{BEST}MI smart band 4 price in india {reviews and buyers guide} [july 2020]

MI smart band 4 is India’s number 1 fitness band. MI band 4 is very hit and famous because of its battery life up to 20 days. Click to buy on amazon.

In this review, we are sharing the best band watch which is very comfortable and deliver a very good service to the user. The best quality of MI band 4 is very vast like its full touch, auto-brightness, waterproof and automatic heart rating.

MI smart band 4

Quality of mi band 4:

Mi band 4 is 39.9% larger AMOLED colour than mi band 3. It is very compatible with android 4.4 or later ios 9.0 version. We can easily control the volume of the music of our smartphone. The best quality of this band is its battery life.

Battery life:

20 days of long-lasting battery life without any interruption.

What we like:

1-year warranty. We like its battery life. Its good Bluetooth connectivity. The coloured screen.

Veiw full specifications: mi band 4

Best price on Amazon: ₹2299 only

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